Tech Stocks Make a Comeback

Tech stocks were highly sought after entries of the early 2000s’ stock market. As companies lost capital and went out of business, investors were left with more questions than answers about what happened. Now, investors are returning to the internet for companies with brighter outlooks and a positive strategy toward their policies. These popular social media destinations show an influence that extends well beyond those of their predecessors.




Facebook initially opened with a strong surge of almost $50, but a variety of problems caused it to quickly fall. Nasdaq halting trading was the most alarming of these issues. None of their issues were related to the stock itself. This glitch was short-lived, and the social media company began to see growing numbers for their stock once a base was established. It is now one of the most popular tech stocks for young investors as well as seasoned veterans looking for new opportunities in the market. Current prices are well above those it began with in 2012. Shares will often go for at least $20 to $30 above the original price and the value is only continuing upwards. Founder Mark Zuckerberg created the company in 2004. He soon went on to steer the company towards billions of dollars in revenue. His title of Chairman and CEO ensures his vision for the website continues as the brand extends to other areas.




Apple has always been an important stock for investors. With significant developments such as the iPad and iTunes, their impact on the markets became even more pronounced. Recent share prices have been valued at hundreds of dollars. This may grow even more as possible new entries occur for various consumer goods which will change the lives of its users. Founder Steve Jobs left a lasting legacy that established the company as one of the top businesses ever created. He was the face of the company and led all product launches until his death in 2011. His death was one of the only times a drop in stock prices occurred. This was only temporary and the prices leveled out after Tim Cook became CEO.


Social media has become an important factor among all internet sites. Its influence extends into other areas that go beyond traditional computers. This growing element makes these stocks a fascinating investment. Their growing prices could mean greater gains for investors willing to give this sector another chance.

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